Tada! Robomongo 0.9.0 RC4 released for all platforms.
$29,532 raised1 year$116,0002 years$232,0003 years$348,0004 years$464,000Minimal target

Robomongo needs $116,000 to revive and to be actively developed for the next 1 year

With your help we hope to build a great team of C/C++ engineer and quality assurance engineer. All working together full-time under one roof and united by a single goal — to continue building free, open-source and the best MongoDB management tool.

The campaign is ended on February 8, 2016

More than 1,500 downloads every day

First version of Robomongo was released in March 2013. Today, more than 30,000 copies are downloaded every month.
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Meet Dmitry

Creator of Robomongo

★ More than 5,000 stars on GitHub ★

And growing daily...

Robomongo is No. 34 repository on GitHub, written on C++. We are proud to have such community recognition, even when comparing with the world-known projects, such as Google's LevelDB and Facebook RocksDB.
Robomongo is in top 0.008% of all repositories on GitHub, regardless of technology. Don't take our word for it, and explore GitHub's C++ repositories and all repositories.


When you don't understand why...

Native and cross-platform

Whatever platform you use today — Robomongo is available for you. Distributed as a native application, fast and snappy Robomongo uses very little of your machine resources.


There should be a choice

Free and open source, forever!

Robomongo will always be free and open source no matter you use it for education, your hobby project or for commercial needs.
Built on top of the established, powerful and open source projects, Robomongo is grateful to the worldwide community of creative and open minded people. We are also happy to give something back to you.

It doesn't meter, whether you want to use Robomongo for education, your hobby project or for commercial use — Robomongo will always be free and open source.


Document-oriented database that we all fall in love with. Robomongo integrates with MongoDB's shell to give you full power of the stock tools.


Cross-platform application framework that is used to create native application for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


Set of libraries for the C++ programming language. It is used both by MongoDB database and Robomongo.


JavaScript engine, that is used by MongoDB shell prior to 2.4 version.


Powerful source code editor and viewer, that is specially designed to handle 10s of MB of text as efficient as possible.


High performance, standard-compliant JavaScript parser, written in JavaScript. Used by Robomongo to understand code semantic.


Instrumentation framework, that helps Robomongo to avoid memory leaks and threading issues.


Popular cross-platform build system, designed to build, test and package software.


Sad reality...

Innovative and inspiring project

Robomongo is a pioneer of some interesting ideas and techniques that were implemented for the first time in MongoDB ecosystem. Today Robomongo inspires many MongoDB tools, including commercial.

The first and still the only tool that embeds real MongoDB shell

Robomongo doesn't emulate MongoDB shell, it embeds the same engine and environment, that is a part of mongo shell. Currently it embeds MongoDB 2.4 shell, which is based on Mozilla's SpiderMonkey.

The first graphical tool that provides real autocompletion

Robomongo does not only analyze semantic of the code, but also executes it in an internal JavaScript VM, allowing us to give you a runtime autocompletion, impossible to obtain statically.

First MongoDB tool with fully asynchronous, non-blocking UI

All operations that you perform on MongoDB are done asynchronously and do not block main application thread. This makes Robomongo feel light and snappy.

Just imagine, what we
can do next...
With your support.


More than 150 donations received so far

In November 2013 we launched Magic Backlog, simple web application that gives you ability to vote for the particular feature with your pocket.


Our business plan for next 6 months

We are not promising you impossible things. Here are 7 major features that we are planning to address in 6 months. According to Magic Backlog, these features are the most requested by the community.

Support for MongoDB 3.x and WiredTiger

From version 3.0 MongoDB introduces new pluggable storage architecture and WiredTiger storage engine. Currently Robomongo only supports MMAPv1 storage engine. From version 3.2 MongoDB starts to use WiredTiger by default. We plan to add support for WiredTiger first and work on other storage engines, such as In Memory and Encrypted storages right after.


Support to V8 JavaScript engine

At the moment, Robomongo is based on SpiderMonkey JavaScript engine. Since MongoDB 2.3.1, JavaScript engine was changed from SpiderMonkey to Google V8. But starting from 3.1.9 MongoDB is based on SpiderMonkey again. To support all versions of the MongoDB we need to implement V8 JavaScript engine and this is quite a lot of work. MongoDB 3.2 soon will be a production-ready release and we plan to focus on that release first, while still considering support for all versions of the MongoDB.


Support for Replica Sets

Supporting connections to the Replica Sets is one of the most awaiting features. This feature, along with two above, is our first priority and should cover needs of the major part of the Robomongo community.


In-place edit when in tree or table view

We think, that in place edit is a one of the best UX improvements we can make. This improvement should make use of Robomongo more efficient than it ever was.


Copying of documents, collections and databases

Copying documents, collections and databases are operations which are used very often in development and production. We want to add proper support for them.


Export and import to/from JSON and CSV

We want to add a quick way of sharing MongoDB data with others. While initially we planning to add basic import/exports support, later we plan to more deeply integrate with MongoDB tools.


Better GridFS support

While we think that GridFS is not the feature that is used by most MongoDB users, but we still plan to implement fast files view with abilities to create, edit and delete files.


Industry deserves modern, robust and community driven MongoDB management tool

It should be open source
Everyone should be able to contribute
It should be actively developed
It should be free even for commercial use
It should be community driven
It should unite industry, not fragment
It should be cross-platform
It should be based on original MongoDB tools
It should be stylish, beautiful and well designed
It should be robust and powerful
Development process should be transparent
It should be supported and maintained

Show must go on!

You, your coworkers, all your friends and the whole industry will be able to use cutting-edge Robomongo for free, and forever.
Regular releases
We will be able to do regular releases. This is our job, in any way.
Regular blog posts
We will be able to keep you informed regularly about everything that happens to Robomongo.
Regular videos
Regular talks with Robomongo team and Paralect teammates. You will see internal life of our company.
Want to see what professional and motivated team can do?
Support Robomongo today!

Robomongo was born at Paralect

When we started our work on the project that was later named Robomongo, there were only 5 teammates in a small software company located in the city of Minsk, Belarus.

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